About Adthink CPA

We are an affiliate marketing performance network located in Geneva, Switzerland,
brought to you by Adthink Media, founded in 2003.

Advertisers, who have become increasingly well-informed and demanding when it comes to controlling the performance of their investments in online advertising, enable many website publishers to enjoy the benefits of sustainable economic models and offer web users ever-more appropriate content. In the course of the last 10 years working in this virtuous system, ADTHINK has become an expert in audience monetization and reconciles the interests of advertising partners and site publishers by connecting the former with millions of web users and providing the latter with a way of optimising monetization of their audiences.

With over 13 years of digital experiences we only have one mission,
to ensure our customers are provided with what they deserve;
the best revenue !

Some things you want to know about us:

Exclusive Offers
High Converting Verticals
Worldwide lucrative Affiliates
% of our publishiers joined through recommendation
% of answered messages within 10 minutes
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